Digital Printing




Digital Printing means printing directly from a computer to a digital printing press. This provides fast high quality printing without the additional time and cost of conventional offset printing.

We can offer customers a wide range of products from your basic A4 black and white printing to our new wide format range of colour poster, banners, etc.


Black & White printing

Black & white printing on our three digital machines with a variety of finishing options, such as booklets.

Colour  printing

Unbeatable quality and speed on a  variety of papers including gloss up to 300gsm.


Several options including perfect binding, wire, plastic coil, staple or pad glueing.

Advantages of Digital Print over Offset

One of the major advantages of digital print is the suitability for the smaller print run. Depending on the job, to set up for offset printing requires the making of  printing plates. This is an immediate cost that reflects in the price. So, if say you have a print run of 250 A4 colour, that would mean a cost of around 90 cents per print before even the printing commenced. Digital Print removes this cost because the electronic file is sent directly to the digital printer and printed there and then. Bunyip Print & Copy use the latest digital presses and software which can produce offset print quality virtually on the spot. There is no ink drying time before further finishing. With our advanced colour management software we can guarantee every print is the same colour and quality, blemish free. Small print runs become cost effective for the customer and can be printed on demand.

Products we print on our digital press:

Custom Business cards – Custom size and shape Labels  – Magnets

Brochures – Envelopes – Flyers – Stickers

Invoice books – Receipt books – Cartnote books

Consignment Note books – Delivery books

Check list books – Poetry books – Life story books

Family History books – Manuals – Thesis – Instruction books

Posters – Photo prints – Wrapping paper

Raffle tickets – Invitations – Catalogues

and more!